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2006·03·15 · 3 Comments
Confessions of a Junkie

It is always heartbreaking to learn that one of your heroes is flawed. It happens to all of us at some point at least once. Depending upon your degree of admiration for the fallen one, it can be quite devastating. Even worse is when one is led down a dangerous path by the one he had admired before discovering that he is being led astray. That is the situation I found myself in today. A man I have long revered, whose writing has had a considerable influence in my Christian walk, has fallen into a dangerous habit, and I have followed him into it. Who is this wolf in sheep’s clothing? Brace yourselves, you will be shocked.

It is none other than Albert Mohler. Yes, the President of Southern Baptist Seminary has an addiction, and I’m afraid I’ve got it, too.

I've always liked numbers. I like math. My only regret is that I didn’t like it back when people were trying to teach it to me. Anyway, I like numbers; so I was especially vulnerable when Dr. Mohler wrote this blog post about his addiction to Sudoku.

In fairness to Dr. Mohler, he did warn of the addictive nature of this numbers game right at the start, calling it “one of the most addictive puzzles ever invented.” But then he began his seductive sales pitch.

He said playing would make me smarter. Who doesn’t want to be smarter? I consulted my wife. She thought it would be good if I was smarter. I think she said something about “a miracle,” but I wasn’t really listening. I was already Googling Sudoku.

He implied that it might qualify as mental athletics. I’ve never been athletic, even as a kid, and I certainly am not now, so I was drawn to the idea that I could be a jock. A smart jock, even. How many of those have you heard of?

So I found a place on-line and tried a game.

“That’s kind of fun,” I thought, “I’ll play just one more.” I played one more… and one more… As the sun began its descent in the west, someone knocked on my door. “Not now, I’m working!” I snapped. Well, come on, I was about to finish one!

Now I’m hooked. I’ve had to drag myself away for the evening, but I’ll be back. Maybe there is a twelve-step program for guys like me. Maybe I’ll sit next to a distinguished gentleman who will stand and say, “Hello, I’m Al, and I’m a…” Probably not. On the bright side, at least now I can say I have something in common with Albert Mohler.

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1. 06·03·17··07:07
mark loughridge

I think su doku was invented by the devil to keep me from sermon preparation! My wife got me a tear off SuDoku calender for Christmas - and it stays in teh downstairs toilet. Somedays it can be quite a while before I can come out!

2. 06·03·17··09:39

I have a version for my palm pilot...

The first game I played I didn't really get the hang of it - but by the second game I was hooked.

Not really a time "waster" if one thinks in terms of "mental exercise."

3. 06·03·17··09:44
Bo Snagley

i shall give it a try.

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