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Hard Hearts, Death, and the Gospel

Doctor flies into South Dakota to perform abortions

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota (CNN) -- Not a single doctor in South Dakota will [murder babies], which is why Dr. Miriam McCreary has come out of retirement.

Once or twice a month, the 70-year-old grandmother takes a 45-minute flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to [murder babies] at the last clinic in the state willing to [be an accomplice to murder].

“I want every child that’s born, to be born into a family that wants a child. I don’t want children to be born into a family where they are not wanted and can’t be cared for carefully. That’s the tragedy,” McCreary said.Read full article

“That’s the tragedy.” Do you know something? She is right. That someone would not want a child that was created by God at that exact time according to his will (yes, I believe every pregnancy is a part of God’s divine plan) is indeed a tragedy. That anyone would rebel against God’s right to create whomever he pleases, whenever and wherever he pleases, is tragic.

Some would say that the greater tragedy is the murder itself. I disagree. Certainly, it is a horrific crime, and it is tragic, but it is not the greatest tragedy. That child is in the hands of God. The life that has been taken from that child is a mere heartbeat in time as he passes into eternity. In the scope of eternity, it matters little to the victim.

The greatest tragedy is the soul-damning hardening of the killer’s heart.

At 70 years old, a grandmother who has given birth and held her own babies and their babies in her arms takes her turn in the rotation of killers who fly to Sioux Falls to spend the day killing babies, sixteen on this particular day. Sixteen cold-blooded murders. Think of her, and weep. No doubt she has handled the bodies of fully developed babies, lifeless in her hands on countless occasions. Does she think of them when she visits her grandchildren? How hard her heart must be.

Every day, 3,700 American women choose to kill their babies, 1.37 million each year. World wide, the numbers are 126,000 per day, 46 million per year. We must assume that there are approximately the same number of men complicit in these murders.

The real tragedy is the tens of thousands of men and women who, at this very moment, are hardening or have already hardened their hearts in preparation to kill. They are hardening their hearts against the voice of God. They will not hear him, and so they cannot hear him saying “You shall not murder!” Yes, he is saying it, even to those without Scripture, for he speaks through his creation, as well, and his Law is written on our hearts. He speaks, through the life that is felt in the womb, to anyone who will listen.

But there are other hard hearts involved. People who would never kill a baby, yet go to the polls and knowingly vote for candidates who have promised to protect the right to kill. They are guilty, too, and must harden their hearts to choose, for whatever the cause, to enable the killers. Many of them call themselves “Christians.” Are you one of them? Perhaps you voted for a “pro-choice” candidate because he stood on the right side of a more important issue. Perhaps you hardened your heart against the lives of children in order to “save the planet,” or “fight poverty.”

I pity those whose hearts are so hardened that murder is an acceptable choice. You see, that is where the battle lies: in the hearts of men and women. The battle is not for the lives of children, it is for the souls of killers, and we have only one weapon in this battle. It is not our vote, or letters to congressmen, or any other political action. It is the Gospel, and nothing else.

I believe in civic duty. I believe in supporting candidates that stand for righteousness and justice. I believe in promoting good government. But I entertain no hope that the governments of men can subdue evil, and I see only limited value in what they can accomplish. Our battle is not for good government and just law, but for the souls of men and women.

Am I repeating myself? I hope I’m making my point. We can work for just law, and we should. We can oppose wicked laws and lawmakers, and we should. But lost sinners whose evil intentions are restrained still go to Hell, and redeemed saints who are filled with the Holy Spirit don’t kill babies.

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, surely he knew the evil that would come in our day. Yet his last words to his disciples were not of social or political action. His last command was this: As you go into the world, preach the Gospel. Make disciples. Teach them. Not only is that our mission, it is the only cure for the evil around us. It is the only thing that can penetrate hard hearts. God help us to keep focused on the task he has given us.

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