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In case you haven't had your fill of this topic, Frank Turk has debated Neil, A.K.A. BugBlaster, on the proposition Abstinence is the best and wisest policy for a North American Christian.

My post-game analysis: Mr. Turk mopped up the floor with Mr. BugBlaster, but he really was offered no real resistance. Not that BugBlaster didn't try—his proposition simply had no legs, and those he tried to give it had bad knees. It's always a tough go when you have to say, "Yes, the Bible says ___, but..." I have to give Frank credit for being incredibly gentle. I probably would not have been.


1. 06·12·23··05:08

Neil's a pal, and his "challenge" was sort of a theoretical challenge -- I don't think he's trying to win any converts to his beerless religion. If he had been, for example, a member of the SBC ruling class, or someone who had ulterior motives for the debate, it would have been a little more showy.

Thanks, though, for pointing this exchange out.

2. 06·12·23··07:47

Well, that makes sense. Neil didn't seem too passionate. I was hoping for a real cage match.

3. 06·12·23··14:46

I would love to take this topic to a person who is in favor of Resolution #5. A "cage match" would look tame compared to the content of that exchange.

And imagine the t-shirts ... it'd be great.

4. 06·12·23··15:11

Well, what are you waiting for? Put out the challenge!

5. 06·12·26··15:32

David: you're all wet. ;)

But I cry foul. You did the post-game analysis before the game was over. Likely you wouldn't change your analysis, but sheesh.

6. 06·12·26··19:01

Nice dry humor.

Yes, I realise I jumped the gun. I considered pulling the post, and probably should have, but I decided to let it stand and prepare to retract if necessary. You're right, I don't find it necessary, but your complaint is fair. I'm sorry.

Can I buy you a drink and make it up to you?

7. 06·12·26··20:02

Sure, I just love chocolate milk!

8. 06·12·26··21:19

Hey, so do I--straight up!

9. 06·12·27··05:18
Matthew C

I think Frank made an excellent case for Christian liberty.

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