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2007·01·22 · 6 Comments
Aaron Job Draws

One of my goals for this year is to read not necessarily more, but better material. In keeping with that goal, I began looking for some new weblogs. Mohler, Challies, Pyromaniacs—they’re all OK, I guess, but a little fluffy. A couple of weeks ago, in my search for more depth, I found a blog of real substance: Aaron Job Draws. Now, this is a quality blog, featuring the artwork and storytelling of six-year-old Aaron Job of Little Rock, Arkansas.

John MacArthur by Aaron JobLast week, Aaron Job ran a contest, which I won. The challenge was to guess who the well-known pastor pictured here is. Well, obviously, it is a young John MacArthur (note the hairstyle). Others guessed the same, but I was first, so I was the winner. The prize was something I already had, so I requested the artist to draw a picture of what he thought I might look like to post on the Thirsty Theologian. These drawings are the result:

The first is modeled on my avatar (I’m the guy on the right at the top of this blog). The second is what he thinks I really look like. Evidently, he thinks that really isn’t me in the picture. Sad to see such cynicism in one so young, but that’s the world we live in, I guess. Click on either image to view them full-sized.

I should mention that I found Aaron Job Draws via a link from his dad’s blog, iamchief, which is also well worth visiting. Thanks, Aaron Job, for sending me your fine artwork. I expect these to be quite valuable some day.

Look at me, I’m a patron of the arts. How about that.


1. 07·01·22··21:06
Aaron S. Wilson

You know, we probably need a real photo of Mr. Thirsty to see how accurate Aaron Job's rendering was, don't you think?

2. 07·01·22··21:53

I, also being a patron of fine arts, have subscribed to said blog in bloglines.

Thirsty Davib?

3. 07·01·22··21:58

Well, OK.

4. 07·01·23··06:03
kim from hiraeth

That boy can draw!

Off to visit his blog. Thanks for the link! : )

5. 07·01·23··07:35
Aaron Job Wilson

Dear Mr David,

Thank you for telling everybody about my blog.

From,Aaron job

6. 07·01·23··07:44

You're welcome, Aaron Job. It was my pleasure.

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