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Lord’s Day 12, 2007

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalme 122:1 Geneva Bible)


Lord Jesus Christ,

Fill me with thy Spirit
that I may be occupied with his presence.
I am blind — send him to make me see;
dark — let him say, ‘Let there be light’!
May he give me faith to behold
my name engraven in thy hand,
my soul and body redeemed by thy blood,
my sinfulness covered by the life of
pure obedience.
Replenish me by his revealing grace,
that I may realise my indissoluble union with thee;
that I may know thou hast espoused me
to thyself for ever,
in righteousness, love, mercy, faithfulness;
that I am one with thee,
as a branch with its stock, as a building
with its foundation.
May his comforts cheer me in my sorrows,
his strength sustain me in my trials,
his blessings revive me in my weariness,
his presence render me a fruitful tree of holiness,
his might establish me in peace and joy,
his incitements make me ceaseless in prayer,
his animation kindle in me undying devotion.
Send him as the searcher of my heart,
to show me more of my corruptions
and helplessness
that I may flee to thee,
cling to thee,
rest on thee,
as the beginning and end of my salvation.
May I never vex him by my indifference
and waywardness,
grieve him by my cold welcome,
resist him by my hard rebellion.

Answer my prayers, O Lord,
for thy great name’s sake.

—from The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennett, editor (Banner of Truth Trust, 2002).

Psalme 6 (Geneva Bible)
To him that excelleth on Neginoth vpon the eight tune. A Psalme of Dauid.

1 O lord, rebuke me not in thine anger, neither chastise me in thy wrath.
2 Haue mercie vpon me, O Lord, for I am weake: O Lord heale me, for my bones are vexed.
3 My soule is also sore troubled: but Lord how long wilt thou delay?
4 Returne, O Lord: deliuer my soule: saue me for thy mercies sake.
5 For in death there is no remembrance of thee: in the graue who shall prayse thee?
6 I fainted in my mourning: I cause my bed euery night to swimme, and water my couch with my teares.
7 Mine eye is dimmed for despight, and sunke in because of all mine enemies.
8 Away from mee all ye workers of iniquitie: for the Lord hath heard the voyce of my weeping.
9 The Lord hath heard my petition: the Lord will receiue my prayer.
10 All mine enemies shall be confounded and sore vexed: they shall be turned backe, and put to shame suddenly.


Bret Capranica
Steve Weaver
Phillip M. Way
Jason Robertson
John MacArthur
Phil Johnson & Don Green
David Legge
David Strain
R.C. Sproul

Grace be with you, and Peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.


1. 07·03·30··07:45
Douglas Panneton

any list of good sermons that doesnt include Roy Hargrave is simply incomplete.

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