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I'd like to thank my agent...

How do you accept a commendation for something that you do mostly for your own benefit and really put very little effort into? Yes, that is a poor sentence, but it is how I feel at present. Four times in the past few days I have been given a prestigious blogger “award.” I am actually not sure how prestigious these meme awards are, but it truly does mean a lot to me know that my feeble efforts are appreciated. I am not a fan of memes or awards, but I do not take lightly the esteem of my peers and readers.

Thinking BloggerThis business began last week when Pennsylvania Pam (as I call her) chose to call me a Thinking Blogger. J.D. Hatfield, that fine Floridian fellow also known as Even So, followed suit. Thank you so much, Pam & J.D. I am pleased to know that you have benefited from visiting here. Update: I missed this one from Jen (joythruChrist). I’m sorry, I normally read your posts, but apparently your feed disappeared from my Bloglines recently. I’ve fixed it now. Thank you also.

oikodomeisDaniel the famous Dutch-Canadian* philosopher-theologian, thought it would be appropriate to create a distinctly Christian blog award, and so was born the οικοδομεις award. This award is given to bloggers who are edifying (Daniel claims οικοδομεις means “you build up.” I take his word for it.) I am honored to be one of the first recipients of this award, twice honored to have received one from its creator, and thrice honored to have received one from Garry Weaver, a southern gentleman whose only major flaw is his aberrant autoology. Thank you both.

As I have said, I am not a fan of memes or awards, but this is one I will pass on. It is difficult to choose only a few of those whose blogs edify me, so I am going to eliminate all but three whom I am choosing for the foundational importance of what they do. Many others are excellent, important, and worthy of praise, but these bloggers do the one thing on which all other things—encouragement, correction, apologetics, &c.—depend. That one thing is Biblical exposition. Please pay your respects to:

Steve Weaver, Phillip Way, and the excellent team at Expository Thoughts—“workmen who need not be ashamed!”

*I don’t know if Canadians have gotten sucked into the hyphenated identity nonsense so in vogue here, but I certainly don’t want to offend by omission.


1. 07·04·13··22:38
Even So...

My Saturday Spotlight is on you, you award hog...

2. 07·04·13··23:45
jen elslager

Pfft. You must have missed that Pennsylvania Jen also zapped you. You have quite the following in PA apparently.

3. 07·04·14··07:57

Sorry, Jen, I didn't mean to miss it (see excuse in the post update).

4. 07·04·14··12:05
PA Pam

You are very worthy of this David. You have been a tremendous help to me in my Christian walk in learning and understanding the reformed view ... as iron sharpens iron ... congrats!

5. 07·04·14··12:41
Steve Weaver

Thank you David!

6. 07·04·14··14:57
Phillip M. Way

Thanks indeed!

I know I have done a good job when I see a link on Thirsty's site!! :)


7. 07·04·14··15:22
jen elslager

No harm, no foul. :) Just wanted you to know you are appreciated!

8. 07·04·17··09:08
Paul Lamey

Sorry I'm late to the party but I want to thank you for your gracious comments about our blog. Yours is a frequent stop for me and the whole gang at Expository Thoughts.

Many blessings to you,

9. 07·04·17··13:24

Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the work of all of you who are committed to expository preaching.

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