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It’s Not about Us


Much of the reason that Christians lack full assurance of their salvation is because they do not possess a right understanding of the purpose of salvation. Most Christians think their salvation is first and foremost about them. When I begin premarital counseling with a couple in our church, one of the first things we talk about is the purpose of marriage. I usually astonish the couple when I tell them that their marriage is not about them. After the initial shock, the young man and woman usually just look at me with blank stares. I then go on to explain that marriage is first and foremost about God and his kingdom (Ephesians 5:30–32). We spend some time talking about the creation ordinance to be fruitful and multiply, and, considering the possibility that the couple may not have children in the future, I explain that their marriage is intended to bring glory to God as each fulfills his or her covenant role in the relationship. I explain that they are getting married not just to live under the same roof with the same last name, but that their relationship is to reflect the relationship between Christ and his bride (5:25–29). When the couple understands that, they have a solid foundation on which to build a loving and full marriage.

—Burk Parsons, Assured by God (P&R 2006), 26.

Posted 2007·07·24 by David Kjos
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#1 || 07·07·24··13:37 || Bonaparte Snagley

I agree.
i also thing that we truly do not appreciate the depth of our own sin, and exactly how hopeless our situation is.
If you realize that spending 270,000,000 years in eternal torture seperated from God does not begin to pay the penalty for our sinful state. then four score and ten years of spritual living sure aint gonna do it.
If you realize this and rest totaly on Christ to pay this penalty.
it as you say it aint about us, its about the relationship between Christ and his bride

#2 || 07·07·24··13:40 || bo snagley

make that three score and 10

#3 || 07·07·24··14:53 || David

That's a profound thought, Bo. I didn't realize you were such a theologian. You're right, our sin is far worse than we can comprehend, yet most people think they are basically good. Good people don't need Christ.

#4 || 07·07·24··17:03 || snagley

never underestimate the theological leanings of rural alabama bunkins,

#5 || 07·07·25··05:55 || donsands

Excellent quote once again.

My salvation is all about Christ receiving all the credit, from begining to end.
My marriage is all about Christ first and foremost, and then I credit my wife with tolerating such a crazy husband.

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