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Trinity in Unity

Yesterday’s post on Athanasius and the Arian heresy got me started thinking again about something that has been on my mind a lot lately—the Trinity. Theology 101: The TrinityIn particular, I was thinking about a statement made by someone in one of the large apostate denominations attempting to remove “sexist” language from our understanding of the Trinity. The proposal was to refer to the members of the Godhead as “Creator,” “Redeemer,” and “Sustainer.” While I immediately rejected the discarding of “Father,” “Son,” and “Holy Spirit,” I saw no problem with “Creator,” “Redeemer,” and “Sustainer.” At least they weren’t calling God “Mother.” However, since then I have been prompted to consider the nature of the Trinity more carefully, and I have concluded that these designations lack the necessary precision for describing the individual persons of the Godhead. I present the following propositions:

1a. The Father alone is not the creator.

1b. The Father is not only the creator.

2a. The Son alone is not the redeemer.

2b. The Son is not only the redeemer.

3a. The Spirit alone is not the sustainer.

3b. The Spirit is not only the sustainer.

The persons of the Trinity are inseparably bound together in all things. They do nothing independently of the others. Therefore, they cannot be described in terms of individual roles, but only by their names—the names given in Scripture.

Posted 2007·08·31 by David Kjos
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#1 || 07·09·01··07:16 || Jonathan Moorhead


#2 || 07·09·01··08:48 || David

I haven't seen that word in probably twenty years. Very impressive. I even had to look it up to make sure I really remembered what it meant.

#3 || 07·09·02··08:53 || Rey

Can't you sorta say the same things with Father, Son, Spirit? (ie: Is 9:6, Jn 4:24, Jn 17)

#4 || 07·09·02··09:12 || David

Yes, but those are not sex-neutral names. "Father" in particular is offensive with its patriarchal implications. They must be done away with!

Thanks for the references. Someday I'm going to repost this with Scripture.

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