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“Keep your heart with all vigilance”


[The romance of David and Michal] pleased Saul. It pleased him because he had been able to bring pain to David once; now he may destroy him. The selfish tyrant cared nothing about the destruction of his daughter’s heart and life in the process. Saul again purposed to give a daughter to David as the means in inciting Philistines to kill him. He gave David a second opportunity to be his son-in-law. This time, as a dowry he asked proof of David’s having personally slain one hundred Philistines. He salivated at the anticipation that one heathen man of war would have the better of the son of Jesse. With what a dark countenance must he have greeted the news that David had quickly killed twice the number of foes requested!

It is an irony of history and of the Scripture record that Saul’s is not the only heart so black with evil motive and deceit. David in this scene was done an enormous injustice. When David sat upon the throne, many years later, he used precisely the same devices to slay Uriah as were employed by Saul against himself. David could be a Saul toward a soldier loyal to his king. Where, through the good providence of God, Saul failed, David succeeded in the deed of murder. Little do we realize that the same seeds of wickedness, which in the hearts of other men, bring stabbing pain to us, lie within our own fallen nature. What a great business is to “Keep your heart with all vigilance”! (Prov 4:23).

—Walter J. Chantry, David: Man of Prayer, Man of War (Banner of Truth, 2007), 45–46.

Posted 2007·10·24 by David Kjos
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