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Christmas Music

I was what “the best Christmas albums ever” are, and particularly, which Messiah production, and why? So these are my recommendations.

I haven’t listened to many different Messiah productions, but of those I have, I like this one best. Why? I just do. I’m not aficionado enough to go into all the nuances of nuance—“Well, it has a robust bouquet and tantalizes the palate with hints of elderberry and currants”—I just like it best.

I’m in need of some new Christmas music myself. These are probably not “the best Christmas albums ever,” but here are some of my favorites:

Christopher Parkening & Kathleen Battle, Angels’ Glory. I believe the sopranos in Heaven’s choir sound like Kathleen Battle, and Christopher Parkening’s guitar rivals any angel’s harp. Maybe I exaggerate. Or maybe not.

Dallas Brass, Christmas Brass. I’m sure there are other Christmas brass albums equal to or better than this (like this one by the Westminster Brass, for example), but I’ve got this one, and I like it.

Joni Eareckson Tada, John MacArthur, Robert & Bobbie Wolgemuth, O Come, All Ye Faithful. This is one of four hymn albums done with The Master’s College Choral. Each comes with a hardcover book of historical sketches and meditations on the hymns it contains.

Joni Eareckson Tada & Bobbie Wolgemuth, Christmas Carols for a Kid’s Heart. Similar to the previous album, this is one of four, also accompanied by a hardcover book. These are some of the best children’s productions I’ve heard.

Charlotte Church, Dream a Dream. I like this one in spite of the Ave Maria.

California Guitar Trio, Christmas Album. This one is fun for anyone who likes the guitar. It includes a couple of stupid songs, but since it’s all instrumental (nobody sings) they’re still enjoyable.

Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song. He’s Nat King Cole. Need I say More? This man sang. Not like what commonly passes for singing in pop music today. No moaning, groaning, whining, growling, yelling, screaming, . . . Just clear singing with the beautiful voice God gave him. And enunciation! He obviously believed vowels and consonants had fixed phonetic values. So do I, because they do.

However, to prove I’m not completely rigid in my standards, I also like:

Stan Boreson & Doug Setterberg, Yust Go Nuts at Christmas. If you weren’t raised among early twentieth-century second and third-generation Scandinavian-Americans as I was, you probably can’t appreciate this one. You’ll probably just think it’s stupid. Well, actually, it is stupid. Here’s a sample.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Posted 2007·11·21 by David Kjos
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#1 || 07·11·21··15:14 || Matt Brown

I like First Call's "Evening in December" - the first one, I don't have the second. I have to say that Stan & Doug's album cover is probably the most surreal I have seen in a long time, Christmas or otherwise.

#2 || 07·11·21··15:23 || Tim Ashcraft

A recent favorite of mine is "A Traditional Christmas Carol Collection" by Harry Christophers and the Sixteen. It's simply a chorus accompanied by organ. I downloaded it a couple of years ago from iTunes. I think it's out of print, but I found a few CD copies on Amazon. Some were pricey.

An older favorite is "The Many Moods of Christmas" by Robert Shaw and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

#3 || 07·11·21··15:45 || donsands

Nat King Cole has such a great voice. I also Like Perry Como, especially when he sings O Holy Night.
I have, The Messiah, George Frederick Handel, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor--John Alldis.

Is there anything quite like the Hallelujah! Chorus?

I also like Vince Guaraldi's LP, "A Charlie Brown Christmas". He can really 'tickle the ivories'.

#4 || 07·11·22··07:30 || Michael Yates

I've gotta agree with Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song". This has to be my single favorite Christmas song ever. I'll have to check out those other suggestions (maybe plug thme in at

#5 || 07·11·23··08:48 || Daniel

I still say anything from 1955-57 sang in Dutch or german by the (then) prepubescent Heintje, is okay by me at Christmas time. But I suppose it is an acquired taste.

#6 || 07·11·23··13:08 || Zach Nielsen

My Picks:

#7 || 07·11·25··20:55 || Carl

If you like Brass esembles, try the Canadian Brass's Christmas CD. You probably can still find it on but if it's out of print, try ebay.

#8 || 07·11·26··22:11 || Michael C.

Another good brass option is On Christmas Day

I also love the Majesty and Glory of Christmas by Fettke, although it is hard to find.

Proclaim His Birth also has some great arrangements.

#9 || 07·12·11··15:52 || steven

i am in dire need of the cd christmas fantasia for our choir we have lost ours anyone have one????

#10 || 07·12·11··16:11 || David

Hi, Steven.

Is this what you're looking for?

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