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Have Yourself a Mercenary Christmas

It seems that no matter how hard we try to be frugal, we always end up spending too much at Christmas time. Then we wrap up all that money and lay it on the floor under a tree, where anyone could walk in and carry it off. This has been a worry of mine for years, but no more. Son #3 has assembled a razor-sharp squad of mercenaries to provide security this Christmas season. They have been instructed to be on the look-out for fat guys in red suits who have been known to take credit for the hard work of parents around the globe. Intruders will be shot on sight. No prisoners will be taken.




Posted 2007·12·19 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Christmas · Humor?
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#1 || 07·12·19··12:50 || Joe

That is too funny! Along those lines, my three year old son, in his rendition of Silent Night, recently sang, "Holy infantry, so tender and mild." There is something militant about Christmas, isn't there?!

#2 || 07·12·19··13:48 || David

Well, I never thought so before, but apparently, there is. Anyway, we feel safer now.

#3 || 07·12·19··19:35 || Jonathan Moorhead

That's cool, but I still thing there should be a sniper's nest at the top instead of the star.

#4 || 07·12·19··19:54 || David

Great idea. I'll pass it on to the Commandant.

#5 || 07·12·21··09:53 || Jim

Are you from North Dakota by any chance?

#6 || 07·12·21··22:48 || Brian L.

So cool, you have to love boys

#7 || 07·12·21··23:11 || David

Yes, Jim, I am. We have to guard our trees, since we have so few of them.

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