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We did our best to guard the goods this year, but we briefly lost the high ground to a post-Christmas enemy surge.


After a tense stand-off, our forces were able to flank the enemy drive her back.


Happy New Year!

Posted 2008·01·01 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Christmas · Humor?
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#1 || 08·01·01··14:07 || jen elslager

*snicker* they are wily beasts.

I like the new look! Happy new year!

#2 || 08·01·01··15:02 || Carla Rolfe

I loved this, so much so I had to call the family to come see. We all got a kick out of it.

#3 || 08·01·01··17:20 || Kristina Hansen

Those sneaky pests! I had my own visitor today...not nearly as cute as your invader though!

#4 || 08·01·01··17:31 || donsands

I hope there were no casualties.

Have a great 2008 in His grace & truth.

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