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Lord’s Day 10, 2008
I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalme 122:1 Geneva Bible)

In Thee Alone I Must Be Blessed
by Samuel Davies (1724–1761)

No, never, never, can this heart,
From Thee her God, her all, depart,
Indulge my boldness; I protest
In Thee alone I must be blessed;
I’m fixed, resolv’dly fixed, in this
Thyself, or nought shall be my bliss;
I swear by the eternal Three,
I will accept no bliss but Thee.
Put me not off with golden toys,
With empty honors, sensual joys.

Oh, do not Thy poor servant doom
To crowns and empires in Thy room.
I loath the happiness that springs
From these and all created things,
Sooner may gold or dust assuage
The parched pilgrim’s thirsty rage,
When under torrid Lybian skies,
On burning sands, he faints and dies;
Sooner, than these inferior toys,
Can fill me with substantial joys.

Since of Thy love I tasted first,
All other pleasures I disgust.
Since first Thy beauties charmed my sight,
Created charms yield no delight.
Oh, if I’m doomed Thy frowns to feel,
Why didst Thou e’er Thy smiles reveal?
Why with Thy glories charm my eye,
If I must see and ne’er enjoy?
Oh, why torment me with the views
Of bliss I must forever lose?

Oh, if I must forever dwell
Absent from Thee, why did not hell
Devour me, e’er I felt this flame?
This ardent passion to Thy name?
Then had my soul ne’er understood
The loss of an infinite good;
Nor languished in eternal in eternal pain,
Pleasures once tasted to regain;
Nor in tormenting anguish pined
To call Thy once felt smiles to mind.

But hence each dire surmise—away!
My gracious God would not display
His glories to inflame my heart,
If I were destined to depart.
He would not cruelly deride
My soul with bliss to be denied;
Nor kindle love to pant in vain,
And rack me with augmented pain.
No, His own self will satisfy
The wishes He has raised so high.

—from Worthy Is the Lamb (Soli Deo Gloria, 2004).

Psalme 34 (Geneva Bible)
A Psalme of Dauid, when he changed his behauiour before Abimelech, who droue him away, and he departed.
1 I will alway giue thankes vnto the Lord: his praise shalbe in my mouth continually.
2 My soule shall glory in the Lord: the humble shall heare it, and be glad.
3 Praise ye the Lord with me, and let vs magnifie his Name together.
4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me: yea, he deliuered me out of all my feare.
5 They shall looke vnto him, and runne to him: and their faces shall not be ashamed, saying,
6 This poore man cryed, and the Lord heard him, and saued him out of all his troubles.
7 The Angel of the Lord pitcheth round about them, that feare him, and deliuereth them.
8 Taste ye and see, howe gratious the Lord is: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.
9 Feare the Lord, ye his Saintes: for nothing wanteth to them that feare him.
10 The lyons doe lacke and suffer hunger, but they, which seeke the Lord, shall want nothing that is good.
11 Come children, hearken vnto me: I will teache you the feare of the Lord.
12 What man is he, that desireth life, and loueth long dayes for to see good?
13 Keepe thy tongue from euill, and thy lips, that they speake no guile.
14 Eschewe euill and doe good: seeke peace and follow after it.
15 The eyes of the Lord are vpon the righteous, and his eares are open vnto their crie.
16 But the face of the Lord is against them that doe euill, to cut off their remembrance from the earth.
17 The righteous crie, and the Lord heareth them, and deliuereth them out of all their troubles.
18 The Lord is neere vnto them that are of a contrite heart, and will saue such as be afflicted in Spirite.
19 Great are the troubles of the righteous: but the Lord deliuereth him out of them all.
20 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.
21 But malice shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous, shall perish.
22 The Lord redeemeth the soules of his seruants: and none, that trust in him, shall perish.


Albert Mohler
Alistair Begg
Bret Capranica
David Legge
David Strain
John MacArthur
John Piper
Mark Loughridge
Michael Beasley
Paul Lamey
Paul W. Martin
Phil Johnson
Phillip M. Way
R.C. Sproul
Steve Weaver
Thabiti Abyabwile

Grace be with you, and Peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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