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Christ Our Substitute


It is not by incarnation but by blood-shedding that we are saved. . . . If Christ be not the Substitute, He is nothing to the sinner. If He did not die as a Sin-bearer, He has died in vain. Let us not be deceived on this point, nor misled by those who, when they announce Christ as the Deliverer, think they have preached the gospel.

If I throw a rope to a drowning man, I am a deliverer. But is Christ no more than that? . . . The very essence of Christ’s deliverance is the substitution of Himself for us, His life for ours. . . . He did not redeem us by a little loss, a little sacrifice, a little labour, a little suffering, “He redeemed us to God by His blood;” “the precious blood of Christ.”

—Horatius Bonar, Christ Is All, ed. Darrin R. Brooker & Michael Haykin (Reformation Heritage Books, 2007), 83–84.

Posted 2008·07·09 by David Kjos
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#1 || 08·07·10··19:10 || Victoria Lynch

What an awesome Savior!
What a great Salvation!
What a terrible price our God paid to redeem us.
Too bad there is so very little of this kind of writing today!
I guess we should all "take up and read" some of the old stuff.

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