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Lord’s Day 41, 2008

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalme 122:1)


A Convert’s First Prayer

My Father,

I could never have sought my happiness
in thy love,
unless thou hadst first loved me.

Thy Spirit has encouraged me by grace to seek thee,
has made known to me thy reconciliation in Jesus,
has taught me to believe it,
has helped me to take thee for my God
and portion.

May he grant me to grow in the knowledge
and experience of thy love,
and walk in it all the way to glory.

Blessed for ever be thy fatherly affection,
which chose me to be one of thy children
by faith in Jesus:

I thank thee for giving me the desire to live as such.

In Jesus, my brother, I have my new birth,
every restraining power,
every renewing grace.

It is by thy Spirit I call thee Father,
believe in thee, love thee;

Strengthen me inwardly for every purpose
of my Christian life;

Let the Spirit continually reveal to me my interest
in Christ,
and open to me the riches of thy love in him;

May he abide in me that I may know my union
with Jesus,
and enter into constant fellowship with him;

By thy Spirit may I daily live to thee,
rejoice in thy love,
find it the same to me as to thy Son,
and become rooted and grounded in it
as a house on rock;

I know but little—
increase my knowledge of thy love in Jesus,
keep me pressing forward for clearer discoveries
of it,
so that I may find its eternal fullness;

Magnify thy love to me according to its greatness,
and not according to my deserts or prayers,
and whatever increase thou givest,
let it draw out greater love to thee.

The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennett, editor (Banner of Truth Trust, 2002).

Psalme 21 (Geneva Bible)
To him that excelleth. A Psalme of Dauid.

1 The King shall reioyce in thy strength, O Lord: yea how greatly shall he reioyce in thy saluation!
2 Thou hast giuen him his hearts desire, and hast not denyed him the request of his lips. Selah.
3 For thou diddest preuent him with liberall blessings, and didest set a crowne of pure gold vpon his head.
4 He asked life of thee, and thou gauest him a long life for euer and euer.
5 His glory is great in thy saluation: dignitie and honour hast thou laid vpon him.
6 For thou hast set him as blessings for euer: thou hast made him glad with the ioy of thy countenance.
7 Because the King trusteth in the Lord, and in the mercie of the most High, he shall not slide.
8 Thine hand shall finde out all thine enemies, and thy right hand shall finde out them that hate thee.
9 Thou shalt make them like a fierie ouen in time of thine anger: the Lord shall destroy them in his wrath, and the fire shall deuoure them.
10 Their fruite shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seede from the children of men.
11 For they intended euill against thee, and imagined mischiefe, but they shall not preuaile.
12 Therefore shalt thou put them aparte, and the strings of thy bowe shalt thou make readie against their faces.
13 Be thou exalted, O Lord, in thy strength: so will we sing and prayse thy power.

Grace be with you, and Peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted 2008·10·12 by David Kjos
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