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except the other go with him

The following rather humorous anecdote from the life of the Scottish preacher Robert Bruce (15551631, not Robert Bruce, King of Scotland, 12741329) is also a good reminder to all preachers, as well as anyone who would be a witness for Christ. In other words, every Christian.

Iain MurrayOn a day when Bruce was engaged to preach twice at the church, the interval between the services was extended longer than usual due to the preachers absence. Some noblemen who were present became anxious because of the time on account of the distance they had to ride to their homes later that day. They therefore asked the bellman to find Bruce and request him to begin the service in view of the journey they had before them. The bellman knew where Bruce was in a room in a house near the church which he commonly used before the afternoon service. On going to the door the man knocked, but declined to enter when he heard the preacher talking to someone inside. He went back to those who had sent him and explained that he could not tell how long Bruce would be: I think he shall not come out the day at all, for I hear him always saying to another that he will not nor cannot go except the other go with him, and I do not hear the other answer him a word at all.

Iain Murray, A Scottish Christian Heritage (Banner of Truth, 2006), 62.

Posted 2008·12·18 by David Kjos
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#1 || 08·12·18··14:25 || Ian Hall

Humorous yes, but also very challenging.

#2 || 08·12·23··16:55 || Brother Hank


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