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Lord’s Day 4, 2009

I reioyced, when they sayd to me, We wil go into the house of the Lord. (Psalme 122:1 Geneva Bible)

JEHOVAH–ROPHI, I am the Lord that healeth thee. Ex. xv.
by William Cowper (1731–1800)


HEAL us, Emmanuel, here we are,
   Waiting to feel thy touch;
Deep wounded souls to thee repair,
   And, Savior we are such.

Our faith is feeble we confess,
   We faintly trust thy word;
But wilt thou pity us the less?
   Be that far from thee, Lord!

Remember him who once apply’d
   With trembling for relief;
Lord, I believe, with tears he cry’d,
   help my unbelief.”

She too, who touch’d thee in the press,
   And healing virtue stole;
Was answer’d, “Daughter, go in peace,
   Thy faith hath made thee whole.”

Conceal’d amid the gath’ring throng,
   She would have shunn’d thy view;
And if her faith was firm and strong,
   Had strong misgivings too.

Like her, with hopes and fears, we come,
   To touch thee if we may;
O! send us not despairing home,
   Send none unheal’d away.

—from Olney Hymns. Book I: On select Passages of Scripture.

Psalme 119:25–32
(Geneva Bible)

25 My soule cleaueth to the dust: quicken me according to thy worde.
26 I haue declared my waies, and thou heardest me: teache me thy statutes.
27 Make me to vnderstand ye way of thy precepts, and I will meditate in thy wondrous workes.
28 My soule melteth for heauinesse: raise mee vp according vnto thy worde.
29 Take from mee the way of lying, and graunt me graciously thy Lawe.
30 I haue chosen the way of trueth, and thy iudgements haue I laied before me.
31 I haue cleaued to thy testimonies, O Lord: confound me not.
32 I will runne the way of thy commandements, when thou shalt enlarge mine heart.


Albert Mohler
Alistair Begg
Bret Capranica
David Legge
David Strain
John MacArthur
John Piper
Mark Loughridge
Michael Beasley
Paul Lamey
Paul W. Martin
Phil Johnson
Phillip M. Way
R.C. Sproul
Steve Weaver
Thabiti Abyabwile

Grace be with you, and Peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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