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Sorry, no real blogging going on here today. I just have one announcement. June 1st will mark two milestones for the Thirsty Theologian this year. It will mark the 4th anniversary of the blog, and the end of one year of daily blogging. I’m only making note of this today because that will also be time for my biennial facelift, and I’ve decided to go ahead with one of my planned changes today.

I’m doing away with the On the Web blog that you’ve seen in the sidebar, and replacing it with a bit of javascript that will bring you my “shared items” from my Google Reader. What that will mean to you is a simpler format, no excerpts or commentary from me, and no way for you to comment. The latter will make little difference, since few of you used that feature anyway. It will also mean that links will be limited to whatever comes through the RSS feeds I subscribe to. Speaking of RSS, those of you who have subscribed to On the Web through an RSS reader will want to subscribe to the new feed here (this will only effect On the Web subscribers. The Thirsty Theologian feed will remain the same). What this will mean to me is one-click linking, which means lots of time saved. I wish I had thought of this four years ago!

Now that I’ve mentioned the upcoming facelift, don’t get too excited (yes, I heard your heart-rates increase). The new look will be dramatically different while remaining almost entirely the same. Now might be a good time to tell me what you don’t like about the current design. Maybe I’ll take your complaints into consideration. Or maybe not. It’s not like I get paid to do this, after all.

I also doubt I’ll continue the daily blogging regimen after day 365. We shall see.

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