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On Pouring Out Your Heart

I appreciate pastors who can preach with passion. What I dont appreciate are those who preach about their passion. But let them be passionate about God and his Word, like Calvin:

img[Calvin] was a man who preached not himself, but the Word of God (2 Tim. 4:1-2). According to Parker, Calvin had a horror of those who preached their own ideas in place of the gospel of the Bible: When we enter the pulpit, it is not so that we may bring our own dreams and fancies with us [Parker, Portrait of Calvin, 83.]. Calvin was not concerned with offering to his congregation the quaint meditations of his own heart. Although it has become popular in many churches for the pastor to strive to pour out his heart to his congregation, such was not Calvins aim in his preaching, for he had offered his heart to God alone. As a result, Calvin did not think it was profitable to share the ever-changing passions of his own heart, but to proclaim the heart of God in His never-changing Word. Calvin was not concerned that his congregants behold him but that they behold the Lord. This should be the aim of every pastor, and, if necessary, every pastor should place a placard behind his pulpit with the following words inscribed: Sir, we wish to see Jesus (John 12:21). Such was Calvins aim in his preaching and in all his life.

Burk Parsons, John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology, ed. Burk Parsons (Reformation Trust, 2008), 78

Posted 2009·06·05 by David Kjos
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