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Yes, I really blew it. I dont know why, but I posted this a month early. Go ahead, have a chuckle at my expense, and then get a head start on celebrating. The links below are good, even if the date isnt.

On this date in 1509, John Calvin, or Jean Chauvin, was born in Noyon, Picardie, France. If not for his premature death on 27 May, 1564, he would be 500 years old today. Even so, his early demise notwithstanding, he being dead, yet speakethloudly and eloquently.


Posted 2009·06·10 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Church History · John Calvin
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#1 || 09·06·10··06:07 || Jim Duval

Probably you meant 1564 as Calvin's home going?

#2 || 09·06·10··06:26 || David

What, you mean Calvin wasnt 145 years old?

Thanks for catching that.

#3 || 09·06·10··07:24 || Jerry

Isn't Calvin's birthday July 10, 1509? Are you trying to beat the rush?

#4 || 09·06·10··09:22 || David

Um . . . yes. I cant believe I did that.

#5 || 09·06·10··13:31 || Daniel

You have always been a little ahead of your time David.

#6 || 09·06·11··05:49 || Kim in On

When a guy is remembered for 500 years, it doesn't matter if you celebrate his life 30 days earlier.

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