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A Humble(d) Calvinist


There are certain people to whom I may or may not be related who would dispute my humility, or might in Churchillian fashion say, Well, yes, but then he has good cause to be humble. Calvinists in general are often characterized as lacking humility. While there no doubt are arrogant Calvinists, I believe this is a misrepresentation of Calvinists. We are, as our theology dictates, the first to admit that we have good reason to be humble, and no cause for pride. That is not to say that we dont struggle with pride the same as everyone else. But God is faithful to provide humbling experiences (Daniel 4:37), as he did on this day last month . . .

Posted 2009·07·10 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Church History · John Calvin
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#1 || 09·07·10··06:38 || Kim in On

Well, I never even caught the mistake until you mentioned it, and I appreciated all of the links. You beat everyone else to the punch, and I'm spending today reading about things other than Calvin.

#2 || 09·07·10··07:43 || David

Its also Justin Taylors birthday, I see.

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