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Même (rhymes with phlegm)

Sorry, nothing of substance here today. In lieu of actual content, I’ve taken a glance at my bookshelves and picked out my top three in three categories: living authors, dead authors, and publishers. These are not necessarily the tops in number of volumes, but in importance/value to me.

imageTop Three of Three

What are your top three of three?

Posted 2009·10·30 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Je ne sais quoi
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#1 || 09·10·30··09:47 || Kim in On

Thanks for the tip in how to actually say that word, and for providing the circumflex over the "e."

My top three publishers would agree with yours. Top dead authors, John Calvin, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Louis Berkhof.

Top living authors, John MacArthur, David Wells and Iain Murray. A close tie for third would be with D.A. Carson.

#2 || 09·10·30··11:00 || James Kubecki

I'm confused. Every place I've seen it has it pronounced as rhyming with "cream".

#3 || 09·10·30··12:02 || David

   Maybe I'm mistaken on the etymology of the word, but I'm thinking of the French word for "same," as in "plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose."

#4 || 09·10·31··05:02 || Kim in On

I think the internet stole the word and tried to make a new one.

#5 || 09·10·31··06:02 || David

I blame Al Gore, then.

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