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The Longest Day

No, not D-Day, or even a book or movie about that momentous event. I’m talking about yesterday, on which day we embarked upon our annual Christmas shopping trip. The day actually went reasonably well this year, considering the nature of the adventure (definition 1a), but drug out—if memory of Christmases past serves—to an unprecedented length.

There are two philosophies of shopping. Plan One begins with a plan and a list, which is rigidly followed. Plan Two is to wander up and down every aisle of every store in town, buying nothing, until, having seen every single item available, the weary-almost-to-the-point-of-collapsing shoppers retrace their steps, having mostly decided what they will purchase.

Plan One ends happily at home in a short time with every item on the list marked off. Plan Two culminates in an actual collapse at home, with the proponent of Plan Two complaining to the proponent of Plan One about her his or her exhaustion and sore feet, and the advocate of Plan One rolling his eyes in frustration giving an understanding hug and rubbing her his or her feet.

I’m not going to say who leans toward which plan, or the extent to which I have exaggerated one of them. I’ll just say we managed to strike a reasonably happy medium in method, but still stretched it out to epic length’hence the lateness of this post.

Posted 2009·12·12 by David Kjos
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