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More Gift Ideas


Just a reminder: I haven’t received my Christmas gifts from most of you yet. I know, it’s difficult to know what to get the man who has . . . oh, you don’t know what I’ve got, do you? Well, I don’t have these:

Either one or both would be fine. Thanks.

“You can tell it’s Mattel—it’s swell!“

Posted 2009·12·29 by David Kjos
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Posted in: Christmas
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#1 || 09·12·29··14:33 || Kim in ON

Dang. You didn't get my gift? Stupid UPS.

#2 || 09·12·30··04:28 || threegirldad

All I need now is a shipping address...and a money order for $600:


#3 || 09·12·30··11:59 || David

Nice! Here's one for only $477.50.

Kim, I hope you insured that package.

#4 || 10·01·01··01:59 || threegirldad

And to think that I actually owned one of those cap guns when I was a kid. If only I had left it in the box and never played with it...

#5 || 10·01·01··09:32 || David

That would have been a shame. It's too bad you don't still have it, though.

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