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Saturday Smoke

Cigarette ads on television, if you remember them at all, are a dim memory for most of us, having been banned from television in 1970. So I was surprised to learn recently that when The Flintstones first appeared in 1960, the show was sponsored by Winston cigarettes.


I have mixed emotions about these ads. I’m not sorry that the ads are gone, especially from a program aimed primarily at children. I am sorry for the loss of liberty to broadcast them. In any case, whether or not I should, I get a kick out of seeing them.

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#1 || 10·01·09··19:49 || Alex T.

The question is
What is Jeopardy?

#2 || 10·01·10··07:35 || David

Thanks, Don.

I like Get Smart, too. You’re right, Max smokes like a chimney.

#3 || 10·01·10··21:15 || threegirldad

Yes, it certainly was a different age. I don't remember any sort of reaction one way or the other to those episodes when I was a kid.

"Winston tastes good like a cigarette should."

"You mean as a cigarette should."

"What do you want, good grammar or good taste?"

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