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R. I. P. J. C.

One hundred and ten years ago today, Anglican minister John Charles Ryle went home (The 110th Anniversary of J.C. Ryle’s Death). I suggest you observe the day by tossing out that cute little devotional you’ve been reading and picking up a set of Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels. I can’t imagine a better daily devotional, short enough for daily reading, but long enough to say more than a T-shirt. The following sample is from his exposition of John 11:17–29.

imgThe root of a happy religion is clear, distinct, well-defined knowledge of Jesus Christ. More knowledge would have saved Martha many sighs and tears. Knowledge alone no doubt, if unsanctified, only “puffeth up.” (1 Cor. vii. 1.) Yet without clear knowledge of Christ in all His offices we cannot expect to be established in the faith, and steady in the time of need.

—J. C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (Baker Books, 2007) [Westminster (PB) | Amazon (HC)].

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#1 || 10·06·10··08:23 || Kim in ON

I have long been wanting to get those. When I bought them for a student, they were the bargain price of $39.99 from CBD. I don't know if they're still that cheap.

#2 || 10·06·10··09:06 || Daniel

That little quote by itself is enough to make me salivate for the whole works.

I have always meant to pick up those up, but never seem to get around to doing it. This gives me a shot in the arm by way of motivation.

#3 || 10·06·10··13:46 || David

The best deal for you Canadians is probably — CDN$ 43.46, free shipping. Pretty good, eh?

#4 || 10·06·10··13:54 || David

By the way, Kim,

I wouldn’t include Heart Aflame among the “cute little devotional[s]” that should be tossed out.

In case you were concerned.

#5 || 10·06·10··13:57 || Trisha

We LOVE Ryle! Thanks so much for this recommendation. We just finished reading his "How Readest Thou?" as a read aloud, and now each of our children want their own copy. His book Holiness is another favorite, too. Can't wait to dive into this set as well.

#6 || 10·06·10··14:31 || Kim in ON is definitely the best option for us in Canada. It didn't used to be, and I try really hard to buy from Monergism when I can, just to support them. However, I recently purchased D.A. Carson's A Call to Spiritual Reformation from, and it was here in two days.

I am indeed relieved that I can keep my copy of Heart Aflame. I didn't get it from Amazon, and it wasn't cheap. :)

#7 || 10·06·10··15:42 || threegirldad

Also available at Google Books.

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