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Explain Calvinism

I received an email recently containing one simple request: “Explain Calvinism.” I typed about a paragraph and a half in reply before thinking to myself, “Self, this is stupid. This has been done many times already, and far better than you’re going to do in a late-night email.” So I sent the inquirer links to my own answer and to some other stuff that ought to be almost as good:

Additional recommendations are welcome.

Posted 2010·08·20 by David Kjos
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The Gospel
What It Means to Be a Christian

Norma Normata
What I Believe

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#1 || 10·08·20··09:46 || Jeremy Weaver

"Calvinism would not be badly defined, indeed, as the tendency which is determined to do justice to the immediately supernatural, as in the first, so also in the second creation." -B. B. Warfield, Calvin and Calvinism (1932; New York: Oxford University Press, Reprinted 2003; Grand Rapids: Baker Books), 359.

#2 || 10·08·20··10:18 || David

   I must be slow. I had to read that about four times before I got it. It's a great statement, though, and really gets to the bottom line.

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