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A Fool’s Testimony

For those who don’t know, Rob Bell is the leader of the euphemistically-named Mars Hill Bible Church and author of a number of books suitable only for hanging on the outhouse wall. His latest effluvium is Love Wins.

Happy April Fool’s Day. Our topic for the day, appropriately, is Rob Bell, innocent victim of slander*, who offers the following answer to the question, “Do you think you’re going to go to heaven?”

Yeah, and I say that because I trust Jesus and I believe in Jesus, but I say it because of my experiences now, that which I can’t explain: the peace and joy now, the sense of presence, especially for me in the midst of difficult things. I am loved, I am being guided, I am being supported . . . [more here]

That is a terrifying testimony, especially coming from a man who has created his own Jesus, rejecting the Jesus of Scripture and the substitutionary atonement of the cross. The source of his assurance is his present experience and how he feels right now. It’s a fool’s testimony because it rests not on what the Christ of real history has done, but on his feelings about what a fictitious Jesus is presumed to be doing for him now.

I write this not because anything more needs to be said about Bell’s heresy, but to warn you that if Bell’s testimony is your testimony, you have no cause for hope of salvation. Unless your faith is in the finished work of Christ as recorded in Scripture, in his life, death, and resurrection, your hope is empty.

The Bible is quite clear on what the foundation of genuine saving faith is. It is never based even in part on our experiences or feelings. It is firmly founded upon absolute propositional truths. At the center of every one of those truths is Jesus, not you, and not your feelings about Jesus. When someone asks you if you think you’re going to heaven, you should be able to answer with those truths.

I offer my own testimony as an example.

* Slander: To accurately repeat and analyze the public statements of those not man enough to face examination.

Posted 2011·04·01 by David Kjos
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#1 || 11·04·01··15:23 || Mike the Mad Theologian

There are many who claim some kind of experience that proves they are right or saved. The Word of God is the only basis for knowing His truth and a faith not based on that is futile.

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