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Earlier this year, I began redesigning the blog. I still haven't finished. I've only applied the new design to the home page and the individual post pages. The archive pages and all system pages are still on the old template. I'll get around to finishing it some day. The one thing I most need to do is update my links. Here is where some of you come in. I used to have a list of links to those of you who linked to this blog. I compiled it by watching my stats and adding any site that put a permanent link to this blog on their home page. I no longer keep very close tabs on my stats anymore, so I'm not likely to notice any new links, but I still want to recognize those of you who are kind enough to link in, so I'm going to open the comments of this post for you to link to yourself. Then I'll put a permanent link to this post on my front page.

Here is how you should do it:

  1. Don't put your name in the “name” field. Enter your site or blog title instead.
  2. As usual, enter your URL in the URL field.
  3. Provide a very brief description (1–3 sentences should be plenty) of your site in the comment field. This is your ad space.
I’ve posted a link to myself as an example. Your site need not be a Christian site per se. Even if all you post is meatloaf recipes or hotrodding tips, you are welcome. Be warned that outright heretics or otherwise unacceptable sites will be deleted. Otherwise, all comers are welcome, provided your site links to the Thirsty Theologian.

If you like, you may use one of the following banner images. These are transparent png images, so they should look good on any color background.

Thirsty Theologian Banner

Thirsty Theologian Banner

Thirsty Theologian Banner

Thirsty Theologian Banner

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