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Hymns of My Youth: A Mighty Fortress

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

—Psalm 46:1

This is one hymn that no Lutheran hymnal can be without. I have no explanation for the unique lyrics. I have found other alternate translations, but I have not seen this version anywhere else.


239 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

A mighty fortress is our God, a trusty shield and weapon;
Our help is He in all our need, Our stay whate’er doth happen;
For still our ancient foe Doth seek to work us woe;
Strong mail and craft and power He weareth in this hour;
On Earth is not his equal.

Stood we alone in our own might our striving would be losing;
For us the one true Man doth fight, The Man of God’s own choosing.
Who is this chosen One? ’Tis Jesus Christ, the Son,
The Lord of hosts, ’tis He Who wins the victory
In ev’ry field of battle.

And were the world with devils filled, All watching to devour us,
Our souls to fear we need not yield, They cannot overpower us;
Their dreaded Prince no more Can harm us as of yore;
His rage we can endure; for lo! his doom is sure,
A word shall overthrow him.

Still they must leave God’s word its might, For which no thanks they merit;
Still He is with us in the fight, With His good gifts and Spirit.
And should they, in the strife, Take kindred, goods, and life,
We freely let them go, They profit not the foe;
With us remains the kingdom.

The Concordia Hymnal (Augsburg Publishing House), 1960.

Posted 2011·05·14 by David Kjos
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#1 || 11·05·15··05:16 || Victoria

That was just soul stirring-I can't think of anyone but Steve Green who could do that song acapella and sound so good. The human voice was made to sing for and to God.
We used one of Steve Green's CD's at our son's funeral because his music is very God focused and draws the heart to worship. I will have to rummage around the house for that CD-I would love to listen to that again now.

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