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And on that farm, he had an elephant. EIEIO.

. . . but he didn’t think it was really an elephant; we are enjoined to wait and see.

Dan Phillips wonders what T. D. Jakes really believes. Along with the rest of us, he hopes James MacDonald’s Elephant Room thingiewhatever will clear it all up. Okay, not really. Among other serious theological transgressions, Jakes has pretty clearly shown his modalist colors (while carefully not quite affirming or denying any specific Trinitarian view). But MacDonald says we should reserve judgment until Jakes speaks his piece (again), so I suppose I can play along. As I do, however, I don’t think it unfair to lay out my expectations.

For Jakes to escape his current heretic status, and rescue MacDonald from buffoonery, he will have to clearly articulate at least the most basic Trinitarian theology, as seen in the image below. It would be even better if he would say, “Yes, I believe in the Trinity as affirmed in the Nicene Creed,” but I’ll keep my expectations to a minimum.


Simple enough? I leave you to speculate on how that will mesh with this.

Posted 2011·11·15 by David Kjos
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