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Phillips on Sexual Orientation

I doné─˘t normally use this column just to link to outside sources. I use the Twitter feed (and formerly my Google Shared Items) in the sidebar for that. But occasionally, something comes up that I think is especially important and currently relevant. Such is the case today.

Concerning homosexuality, the evangelical church has always stood on solid biblical ground. Compromise in this area has always been the business of those liberalsé─ţuntil recently, that is. While genuine evangelicals still consider homosexual behavior to be sinful, attitudes toward homosexuality are becoming muddled. Some prominent, respectable, godly, and generally wise Christians have begun to acknowledge the existence of é─˙gay Christians,é─¨ poor souls who are hard-wired for perversion, and the most the gospel can do for them is to help them keep their sin restrained inside their heads.

In answer to that, I commend to you Dan Phillipsé─˘ article on homosexual é─˙orientationé─¨.

What do you do with an é─˙orientationé─¨? Since it is an un-Biblical category, forget the Bible. There is no forgiveness or redemption for an é─˙orientation.é─¨ So I guess you have to do therapy, or meditation, or yoga or something. No idea. Cané─˘t help you.

Or perhaps by é─˙orientation,é─¨ he is meaning to say é─˙I struggle with sinful temptations to have sex with other mené─¨? Okay, fair enough. Now we are getting somewhere Bibley.

But in that case, how do you say you é─˙have no plans toé─¨ act on them? Picture a man standing up and saying he struggles with temptation to commit adultery with the senior pastoré─˘s wife, but he é─˙has no plans toé─¨ act on it? Or that he struggles with temptation to have sex with little children in the church Sunday School, but he é─˙has no plans toé─¨ act on it? Or that he struggles with temptation to rape some women in the congregation, but he é─˙has no plans toé─¨ act on it?

Well now, thaté─˘s very different, isné─˘t it?

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Posted 2011·11·30 by David Kjos
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#1 || 11·12·01··13:13 || Daniel

The habitual (ahem) "auto-erotic manipulator" who is convinced that his or her particular habit is both incurable, and "natural" is no less deluded than the common, garden variety homosexual. It isn't that they are possessed of an auto-erotic orientation, it is that they are convinced of a dual-deceit; first that their sin is a natural (physical) in origin, and secondly that this particular bondage is special.

My gut twists within me whenever I hear well meaning, but otherwise confused and (ultimately) deceived Christians come to the defense of someone else's depravity, and imagine themselves to be the voice of love, when in fact they tools in the hands of our enemy, who would have believers give into sin, and feel justified in doing so.

#2 || 11·12·01··15:28 || David Kjos

Thaté─˘s a good example. Many Christians have gone to great lengths to normalize that sin, and not just the lust for it, but the act itself. They have caused many to é─˙give into sin, and feel justified in doing so.é─¨

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