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Radical Depravity in Proverbs

Measuring himself by the wrong standard, the natural man has too high an opinion of himself.


The unregenerate are self-deceived. They are astute at rationalizing their sinful behavior and adept at justifying themselves in their own eyes before God:

All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit. Proverbs 16:2

The inward corruption of the sin nature causes lost men to live in a perpetual state of self-deception regarding their spiritual state before God. Presuming themselves to be morally clean, they are blind to their true wretched condition. Bridges writes, If man were his own judge, who would be condemned? . . . Man will never believe his real character, until the looking-glass is held to his face with convincing light. . . . He confesses himself indeed to be a sinner. But what his sins are, he knows not. Rather than seeing themselves as God sees them, the unconverted see themselves through self-righteous eyes of sin-excusing deception (12:15; 14:12; 21:2; 30:12)

Steve Lawson, Foundations of Grace (Reformation Trust, 2006), 154155.

Posted 2012·08·31 by David Kjos
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