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Not Even Jesus


This Jesus God raised up again, to which we are all witnesses.

Acts 2:32 (cf. 2:24, 3:15)

This is an important truth: This Jesus God raised. Its important for the obvious reason that there is no gospel without the resurrection, but its also important because it demonstrates the impossibility of any degree of synergy between God and man in salvation.

Its a lesson we learn from Ezekiels vision of the valley of dry bones, and from the resurrection of Lazarus: neither the bones nor Lazarus could give themselves life. Only the divine command could make these bones live. But nowhere is that truth demonstrated more absolutely than in the simple phrase This Jesus God raised.

Think about it: God raised him. Jesus didnt rise by his own power. He laid there, in Dickensian terms, dead as a doornail, until God raised him. How, then, can any of us think we cooperated in any way with our own spiritual resurrection when not even Jesus, the God-man, could raise himself from the dead?

Posted 2013·02·08 by David Kjos
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