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God My Savior


My soul exalts the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

—Luke 1:46–47

This is what every Roman Catholic needs to hear this season: Mary needed a Savior; so do I, and so do you.


The mighty God reaches down in mercy, lifting the humble to greatness. Mary herself was the perfect example. No one was lowlier than she was—a poor, young peasant girl from Nazareth. She was nobody from nowhere, and she knew it. She was also a sinner, which is why she praised God as her Savior. This is one of Luke’s favorite titles for Jesus. Mary used it because she needed to be saved as much as anyone else. And by his grace god saved her. He saw her lowly condition. He did great things for her, such as putting a child in her virgin womb, and sending his Son to be her Savior. God reached down and saved her. This is why all generations call Mary blessed: she was blessed by the undeserved favor of a merciful God.

—Philip Ryken, The Incarnation in the Gospels (P&R Publishing, 2008), 76.

Posted 2013·12·11 by David Kjos
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