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The Best Self-Image

In his book Saved from What? R. C. Sproul tells of a publisher to whom he submitted a manuscript for a childrens book who wanted all references to sin changed to “making poor choices.” “We don’t want to give children a poor self-image,” he explained. But that is a deadly error. Sproul writes,


The best self-image we can ever have is one that is accurate and true. The Bible makes it clear that we have value as creatures made in the image of God. We affirm the sanctity of human life because every person is made in God’s image. But that image has been tarnished. It has been desecrated by sin.

As long as we discount the severity of our sin, we sense no fear of God. We are content with our performance as it is, deluding ourselves into believing it is good enough to satisfy a holy God.

—R. C. Sproul, Saved from What? (Crossway, 2002), 29–30.

Posted 2014·03·19 by David Kjos
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