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The Root Problem

The root problem of the seeker-sensitive, or user friendly, “church” is that they ignore the universal root problem.


People’s felt needs are taken more seriously than the real but unfelt human deficiencies that are consistently highlighted in Scripture. Felt needs include issues like loneliness, fear of failure, feelings of inadequacy, codependency, a poor self-image, eating disorders, depres­sion, anger, resentment, and similar inward-focused inadequacies. The real problem—the root of all these other feelings—is human depravity, an issue that is carefully skirted (and sometimes in recent years overtly denied) in the teaching of the typical user-friendly church.

—John MacArthur, Ashamed of the Gospel (Crossway, 2010), 61.

Posted 2014·11·21 by David Kjos
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