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Earlier today, I tweeted, “Dear stay-at-home wives and mothers: Nothing your husband does outside the home is as valuable as what you do in it.”

Within a short time, that tweet received 35 retweets and 108 likes which, for a nobody like me, is like suddenly becoming Tim Challies. I also received several replies, some of them disagreeing. Those disagreeing missed the point, which is to be expected; 140 characters is hardly enough for full, well-explained expressions of most opinions. The disagreements were not unqualified, and mostly looked like this:

Which is absolutely true. Running a home is a team effort. Husbands and fathers are also indispensable. I could also have addressed men with something like, “Nothing you do outside the home is as valuable as what you do in it.” But that wasn’t the point.

I wasn’t comparing wives and mothers to husbands and fathers. I was comparing wives and mothers to farmers, carpenters, factory workers, doctors, lawyers, teachers. My point was that the work of wives and mothers far exceeds in value any profession you can name. Husbands and fathers are also indispensable, but it makes no difference to the family what a man does for a living, as long as he brings a check home. Furthermore, in his profession, every single man is dispensable; each job is important, but someone else could do it. (If you’re thinking, “Anyone can cook, clean, and do laundry,” you don’t get it at all.) No one can replace a wife or mother. The particular vocation of homemaker is unique.

That is what I meant, and I stand by it: Nothing a husband does outside the home is as valuable as what his wife does in it.

Norman Rockwell, Bedtime

Posted 2017·03·09 by David Kjos
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