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Surprising Grace

In Luke 24, we read of two of Jesus’ followers on the road to Emmaus, discussing the events of the previous days in which Jesus, whom they “were hoping . . . was going to redeem Israel” (verse 21), was crucified and buried. They were confused and discouraged. Then Jesus joined them.


How does Christ deal with these men? . . . If I am surprised, looking back over these centuries, at the attitude of the men, I confess I am far more surprised at Jesus. I am surprised at the wonder of His coming to these men. I know my confession of surprise is a revelation of the fact that I have not perfectly learned the lesson of his love. I know it, and yet I am surprised. If I may turn aside from the main line of my argument I would like to say to you, Be very much afraid of yourself if Jesus Christ is ceasing to surprise you. If you are losing your sense of amazement that startled you in the olden days there is something wrong with your life. He is always surprising us if we will but follow Him simply. He surprises us now by the fact that He comes to these men. Listen to His own estimate of them, “O foolish men, and slow of heart to believe.” That is not my criticism of them. That is His estimate of them, and He knew them. O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe; and yet He comes to them and joins Himself to them, and walks at their side, and deals with their foolishness, and stirs up the slow heart until it burns and flames. That is the grace of God, and I am amazed. It is a radiant revelation of the tenderness of His heart and of the strength of His love for us.

—G. Campbell Morgan, The Westminster Pulpit (Sermon: The Burning of Heart) (Baker, 2006), 1:90.

Posted 2017·04·25 by David Kjos
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