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Why I Believe Genesis


I can’t see how anyone can believe in evolution. From any rational point of view, it’s just absurd. On the other hand, I can easily understand why unbelievers can’t accept the biblical record of creation. They don’t believe in the God of the Bible, so why would they believe the Bible? Evolution aside, an old earth makes sense. Modern science gives us some idea of how much time astronomical and geological changes require, so it is reasonable to believe the earth has been here a very long time—certainly much longer than the 6,021 years estimated by Ussher. From a scientific perspective, that’s just impossible.

Here are a few more impossible events:

Scientists say all of those things are impossible, and they’re right. Yet all Christians believe those events actually happened, because God said they did. We believe, because we believe in an omnipotent miracle-working God. Why, then, do so many who call themselves Christians, and claim to believe in miracles, deny the miracle of creation? We have no more than the declaration of God that the events listed above happened, and he has declared, in terms simple enough for the simplest minds to understand, that he spoke the universe into existence with a few simple words. Why believe in some, but not all, of his miraculous works? Believe them all, or reject them all—and abandon all pretense of being a Christian. Everything about Jesus is just as impossible as creation.

Creation was not a natural process. If it was, I would have to believe it took a very long time. But creation was a miracle, and the God of creation is an omnipotent miracle worker. He is the miracle worker. That, in a nutshell, is why I believe the earth and all it contains was created in six days. God can do it, and he said he did it. Is that so difficult?

Posted 2017·05·01 by David Kjos
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