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Seven Propositions for the Preservation of Liberty in the Face of Islam

When I am invited to brief the President and Congress on the Islamic threat, the following propositions will provide the skeleton of my address.

Proposition One: The natural (and, in the United States, legal) right to free exercise of religion must never be compromised.


Proposition Two: Islam is not merely a religion, but a political ideology with a mandate of world domination, by violent means, if necessary.

Proposition Three: The free nations of the world must understand and acknowledge Propositions One & Two, and govern and defend themselves accordingly.

Proposition Four: Any nation that compromises Proposition One will eventually surrender all religious freedom.

Proposition Five: Any nation that fails to understand Proposition Two will eventually compromise Proposition One, and surrender to Islamic rule.

If that is not sufficiently complicated, I add two more especially for Christians:


Proposition Six: In performing their civic duties to their respective earthly kingdoms, Christians must support public policies in line with Propositions One through Five.

Proposition Seven: As citizens of the Kingdom of God, Christians must view each Muslim as a lost soul, and the Islamic world as a whole as a mission field, remembering that we are to love both our neighbors and our enemies. Many Muslims are the latter; all are the former.

To be sure, these propositions present a challenging balancing act, but one I believe can be accomplished with the application of a lot more thought and a lot less emotion.

Posted 2017·06·05 by David Kjos
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