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A Cosmopolitan Eclipsed


By now, I expect you have heard there is an eclipse or something happening today. It will only be seen in its totality in a narrow band across the USA, so, world traveling adventurer that I am, I am taking one wife, one daughter, and one granddaughter to Nebraska to see it.

We spent last night in the teaming metropolis of Rapid City, South Dakota, and will traverse the remaining 160 miles to the vicinity of Alliance, Nebraska this morning. That will put us right in the center (north–south) of the total eclipse zone. At that longitude, the sun will be totally obscured for 2½ minutes. Eclipse duration will be the longest, at 2:40, in western Kentucky, but an additional 845 miles (11:38 hours, according to Google) seemed a bit much for ten additional seconds of darkness. Besides, I’ve already been to Kentucky, but I’ve never been to Nebraska.

Posted 2017·08·21 by David Kjos
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