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Faith and the Offices of Christ


My righteous one shall live by faith —Hebrews 10:38

Just as the attributes of God are foundational to our faith, so are the offices of Christ; but these are more personal. His offices—prophet, priest, and king—are, as David Clarkson writes, “purely relative; wholly ours, for us, in reference to us; relative . . . both in their constitution and execution.”


He was made king, priest, &c., for us, and does exercise these for us. They are essentially relative, depending on us, as one term of the relation upon another. As there cannot be a father without a child, so Christ had not been king without believers, who are his kingdom, 1 Cor. xv. 24. There cannot be a priest without a sacrifice; nor a sacrifice, except some for whom to offer it. It is otherwise in the former object; God’s attributes are absolute essentially, their relation to us is but accidental. Their being is not for us, but only their acting. God had been omnipotent, omniscient, merciful, &c., if no creatures had ever received a being. Therefore here is more support for faith than in the attributes. Where there is more interest, there may be more confidence. Faith may plead, Christ is my king, and was anointed, crowned, in reference to me. For this end he came to the kingdom, that he might govern me. He is my priest, consecrated for my sake, in reference to my guilt, my necessities, that he might satisfy for me. Christ is my prophet; for this end he was anointed, and received the Spirit without measure, Isaiah lxi. 1, that he might instruct me; ergo, I will be confident.

—David Clarkson, Of Living by Faith, Works (Banner of Truth, 1988), 1:183.

Posted 2017·09·13 by David Kjos
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