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His Saying Is Doing


My righteous one shall live by faith —Hebrews 10:38


It is all one with God to do as to say, to perform as to promise; it is as easy, he is as willing, as able, to one as the other. There is no such distance betwixt God’s saying and doing, as amongst men. His saying is doing: Ps. xxxiii. 9, ‘He said, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast.’ . . . ver. 6, ‘By the word of the Lord were the heavens made;’ Heb. xi. 3, ‘The worlds were framed by the word of the Lord.’ There is omnipotency in his word, both of command and promise: therefore called, ‘the word of his power,’ Heb. i. 3. One word of his can do more in an instant, than the united powers of heaven and earth can do to eternity.

This consideration removes at once the chief discouragements that hinder the lively actings of faith; for what is it that weakens our confidence of the promises performance, but because we look upon the accomplishment as uncertain or difficult, or future and afar off! Now from hence faith may conclude the performance is certain, easy, and present.

It is certain. The root of all certainty is God’s will. He is willing to promise, for he has actually done it. He is as willing to perform, for it is all one with him to do as say.

It is easy. What more easy than a word! An act is not more difficult. And one word will give accomplishment to all the promises: no pains, trouble, cost, hazard. The covenant is our tree of life, the promises are its branches, laden with all precious fruits. The least word, the least breath, from God’s mouth, will shake all the fruits into your bosoms. Will not he speak so little who has done so much, sent his Son to suffer so much, let his Spirit strive so much? There is but one word betwixt you and all the happiness contained in the great and precious promises. And is it not easy for faith to believe that it is easy for God to speak one word? This may be faith’s plea, Only speak the word, and it shall be done. Nay, it is done, the accomplishment is present, the word is passed out of his lips. You have as much for the accomplishment of promises, as all things that now exist had for their creation, God’s word. He does when he says; his saying is doing. Nothing remains on God’s part to be done further. That which suspends your enjoyments is want of faith; do but believe, and all is said, all is done, to make you happy. You may as easily believe that he will perform, as that he has promised. It is easy to believe that he has promised: you question not that. There is as much reason to believe he will perform, for it is all one to him. Men promise great things, but can not perform without trouble, expense, or hazard; therefore may we doubt of them. But there are no such things incident to God’s performances; no more trouble or pains to perform a promise than to make it. He can perform all with less trouble than we can speak, do all he has said as easily as anything he does.

—David Clarkson, Of Living by Faith, Works (Banner of Truth, 1988), 1:193–194.

Posted 2017·09·14 by David Kjos
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