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Pick Up the Phone

Earlier today, I posted on Twitter and Facebook a link to an article titled Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Predators in which a police detective describes the person who is most likely to be a threat to your child. I highlighted the following section:

However, “once a sexual offender, always a sexual offender” is simply a harsh reality. If you know or have heard that Uncle Mike or Grandpa Pete “did something” to you or Cousin Becky, then you need to keep your child away from Uncle Mike and Grandpa Pete. They will not have changed, no matter what they may claim. [read full article]

To that, I would add just one important instruction: If you know* such a crime has been committed, call the police immediately. Regardless of who the offender is—your husband, father, grandfather, uncle, pastor—report the crime immediately.

You may fear the consequences. You may be tempted to listen to expressions of remorse and promises that “it will never happen again.” Sexual predators are highly skilled manipulators. They can be very convincing. They will attempt to gain your sympathy, and may succeed. Do not listen. Their professions of repentance may be sincere, but more likely, they are not. In either case, they can never be trusted again, as long as they live. They are predators and, given opportunity, will exploit it.

imageDo not think they can be dealt with privately. While they should be reported (if they profess to be Christians) to the church, this is no time for a quiet application of Matthew 18. If they repent, you may forgive, but you cannot shield them from justice without taking upon yourself the full guilt of their past—and, more urgently, future—crimes.

I write this emphatically, yet feel that I cannot be emphatic enough. These vermin, these vipers, who use positions of trust to prey on the weak to satisfy their perverse lusts are the lowest of the low. They are worse than murderers, a fact that should be reflected in their punishments. As I have written before, there is absolutely no penalty that man can inflict severe enough to fit these crimes, or the crime of covering them up.

If you can take a sexual predator off the street, you must. It starts with a phone call. Pick up the phone.

* By “know,” I mean really know. Do not take lightly the possibility of destroying an innocent man.

Posted 2017·10·26 by David Kjos
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