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Little Old Lady Who?

We’ve all been made aware of how important contextualization in worship is. If you simply preach the Word or sing hymns without adopting the fads and fashions of the culture, no one will get it. The world would surely love Christ and the church, if only we were more like them.

Towards that end, we need to consider the cultures we are neglecting. I’ve never heard any Christian Mariachi music. Rock & roll? Check. Hip-hop? Check. Everything I’ve seen seems to cater to American pop culture, proving the politically-correct common knowledge that we (middle class white folks, of course) are all a bunch of bigots. We need to reach out to cultures we have neglected if we are to fulfill the Great Commission as Christ intended.

I suggest we start by appealing to that much-neglected demographic: German/Austrian/Swiss immigrants and their descendants. And be honest: Who wouldn’t love opening their worship service like this?

Well, howdy, look what I found. There might be hope yet.

As you can see, American cowboy yodelers are no match for the real deal in lederhosen, but it’s a start—unless you’re an old stick-in-the-mud who subscribes to the Hank Hill philosophy:

“You’re not making Christianity better;
you’re just making [yodeling] worse.”

Posted 2018·05·02 by David Kjos
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