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Till Death Do Us “Art”

If God had wanted ink or additional holes in your body, he would have put them there.

That’s not a joke; that’s my considered opinion on tattoos and piercing. I think God—who called his creation good—made you the way he wanted you to be, and if you’re not content with it, even grateful for it, there might be a sinful root to your attitude.

However, being a sola scriptura man, lacking a biblical text that says so (Leviticus 19:28 is not that text), I can’t say tattoos or piercings, per se, are sinful. On the other hand, if you read the book of Proverbs, you will see that God has a rather negative view of folly. You might even conclude that folly is a product of sin. Therefore, if it can be proven that anything is foolish—well, draw your own conclusions. Sola scriptura prevents me from doing that for you. I do want to give you a practical point to consider. It’s probably nothing you haven’t heard before, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Every day has its fashions. Most people, even those who eschew the latest fads, try to be somewhat fashionable. That is why—sadly—you don’t see a lot of men in proper morning or evening dress anymore. On the up-side, unless you’re a T. D. Jakes fan, you don’t see many zoot suits, either. Fashions change. We often look at pictures of the past and observe how elegant and distinguished our predecessors looked. Just as often, we laugh, or cringe, at them. That is why many of us have snickered at our parents pictures in their high school yearbooks, and why our children will do the same to us. My parent’s generation looked quite respectably. My generation? Give us a break. It’s hard to look good when you’re Stayin’ Alive.

The good news is, though you may have worn a polyester disco shirt with bell-bottom pants and three-inch heels (mine were only two-inch), leg warmers, side pony tail, or mullet, you’re probably not wearing them now (for relevance, fill in your own generation’s goofy fads). You were able to take them off and throw them away, or save them for a costume party twenty years later, where, all in good fun, everyone will laugh about it. Now imagine being forced to wear the same clothing and hair style you chose ten, twenty, or thirty years ago every day, for the rest of your life. No sensible adult would ever do that, but that’s your tattoos and ear gauges.

It may surprise you to learn that I’ve made some foolish choices in my life (no, really, it’s true). The story of my life is filled with “It seemed like a good idea at the time” moments. I’m just thankful none of them are archived in permanent ink on my body.

Cab Calloway: “The zoot suit is the ultimate in clothes.”

Posted 2018·06·14 by David Kjos
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