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In Preparation for the Lord’s Day: How Sad Our State

How Sad Our State


How sad our state by nature is,
our sin, how deep it stains;
and Satan binds our captive minds
fast in his slavish chains.
But there’s a voice of sov’reign grace
sounds from the sacred Word,
“Ho, ye despairing sinners, come,
and trust upon the Lord.”

My soul obeys th’almighty call,
and runs to this relief;
I would believe Thy promise, Lord,
O help my unbelief.
Unto the fountain of Thy blood,
Incarnate God, I fly;
here let me wash my spotted soul,
from crimes of deepest dye.

Stretch out Thine arm, victorious King,
my reigning sins subdue;
and drive the dragon from his seat,
with all his hellish crew.
A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,
on Thy kind arms I fall;
be thou my strength and righteousness,
my Jesus and my all.

Hymns to the Living God (Religious Affections Ministries, 2017).

This tune , as far as I can see, does not exist on the internet. Here’s an alternate:

The current hymnal for this series is Hymns to the Living God, recently published by Religious Affections Ministries. This is such a good hymnal that I’m pretty sure I could happily post every hymn it contains, but I’ll be limiting selections to hymns I have never posted here before, especially those unfamiliar to me (of which there are many). For more information and to purchase this hymnal, visit Religious Affections Ministries.

Posted 2018·07·21 by David Kjos
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