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Capital Crime


[T]he gravity of any offense is never measured merely by its immediate consequences, or by asking who was hurt by it. The real gauge of a sin’s seriousness is the question of whom the sin was against. If you are angry with your neighbor and you yell and insult him, you’re not going to prison for that offense. But curse a judge in his courtroom, and you will be sent to jail. Or send a letter to the White House threatening the president of the United States, and you will be charged with a federal crime. Again, the true enormity of any misdeed or insult is determined by whom the offense is committed against.

For that reason, sin against almighty God is never a trivial matter. True justice demands a penalty for sin, and the penalty is commensurate with the offense. Since all sin is a violation of God’s infinite holiness and a challenge to His eternal authority, every sin is a capital crime (Rom. 6:23).

—John MacArthur, The Gospel according to Paul (Thomas Nelson, 2017), 161.

Posted 2018·07·27 by David Kjos
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