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God’s Glory

A popular worship song repeats the line, “Show us, show us your glory.” I’m convinced that most people don’t give much thought to the words they sing, because if they did, throughout this song, line by line, they would be asking, What in the world does this mean? And having contemplated that question, and what God has revealed in scripture about his glory, would never utter those words.


Too often we speak of “God’s glory” without really contemplating what the expression means. It is not an easy concept to define. We are dealing with something that is infinite, unfathomable, inconceivable, and utterly foreign to fallen human minds—something so pure and powerful that an unobstructed, unmediated view of it would be fatal to our sinful flesh (Ex. 33:20; Isa. 6:5; 1 Tim. 6:16).

“The Oxford English Dictionary defines glory as “resplendent majesty, beauty, or magnificence.” But the glory of God entails much more than that. It includes His holiness, His absolute perfection, and the stunning radiance of unapproachable light. God’s glory is the very essence of beauty, majesty, and splendor. It likewise includes His justice, power, and wrath. It is at once captivating and terrifying. It is a reality so sublime that if you were permitted one glimpse of it and it weren’t so overwhelming that you would die, you would never want to look away.

—John MacArthur, The Gospel according to Paul (Thomas Nelson, 2017), 167.

Posted 2018·07·30 by David Kjos
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